READER POLL: Sometimes I kinda miss “Reading Rainbow”

reading-rainbow-2It’s a crazy time for fiction readers, with new books coming out daily in every genre through all kinds of publishing mediums. With so many options available and a never-ending appetite for escapist reading, I can get pretty overwhelmed by looking for new books to read. Long, long gone are the days when my mom would order the latest “Sweet Valley High” for me from the Scholastic Book Fair, or I’d prowl through the library for hours to choose one likely title. My tastes developed over the years, and like a lot of people I’m particular about the books I enjoy and don’t want to waste my limited reading time on crap. I need a well-written novel with interesting plot twists and believable characters, tossed together in a nice light blend. I use a few different ways to find new authors and series, and some definitely work better than others at leading me to good reads.

I’m curious to hear how other people find books. I spend a lot of time browsing on Amazon, as well as looking at titles in my local Barnes and Noble and then seeing if they’re available on Kindle (sorry, Nook) or used at Dimple Books. I’m on Goodreads but I find it sort of overwhelming. So how do you find new stuff to read, now that “Reading Rainbow” is no more?

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