Now Available: SNEAK PREVIEW of Book 9!

It really was a gorgeous view. Deep blue water stretching to far-off blue mountains, azure sky without a single cloud, lush, rugged cliffs dropping away to a rocky shore. As I watched, a flock of pelicans soared by. The soft breeze ruffled the water of a pristine swimming pool at the edge of the cliff, carrying with it the sound of the waves, the clink of glasses and murmured voices from the terrace below. A shaft of eastern sunlight caught the edge of the balcony, warming my arm where it rested on the steel balustrade.

Incredibly serene, ridiculously lovely—but my mind wasn’t on the view. It was too busy pondering a very puzzling question, which I’d asked myself at least ten times already without coming up with an answer.

How on earth had I ended up here?

* * *


The harbor and lake in Agios Nikolaos, Crete

Thus begins Becca Rossiter’s second encounter with crime, as she travels through the Greek Islands on a (potentially) romantic vacationfinding far more excitement than she bargained for. Book 9: Murder on Santorini will be available on Kindle at the end of November, 2013. Check out a special sneak preview of the beginning of the book, available for download for a limited time only!

Download SNEAK PREVIEW excerpt of Book 9: Murder on Santorini!




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